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Integrated project is a group project to complete a task from the combination of knowledge from a few subjects taught that particular year. Every year all the students who took all the subjects must complete the integrated project. This year integrated project title is Solar Powered Smart Aquarium.

Solar Powered Smart Aquarium

1. The container of the aquarium must use transparent materials with all joining materials non-toxic to living things (flora & fauna) inside the aquarium.

2. The water must be sea water where the temperature, salinity and oxygen level should be monitored.

3. The water must be sufficiently filtered, aerated and circulated using a solar pump powered by photovoltaic panels and the flow rate through the pump should also be monitored.

4. The power supplied to pump must be regulated to avoid damaged to the pump and electric shock to the living things inside the aquarium.


1. Identify the aquarium size, water volume and living things inside the aquarium.
2. Develop the layout of the system using CAD software (learned in 1st year).

3. Perform analysis for the system to determine appropriate specifications for the following items:

a. Inflow / outflow through the pumps (water/air)
b. Pipe layout for the water circulation
c. PV panel sizing according to the power requirement
d. Filter capacity
e. Sensor installment locations (temperature sensor, water level, flow meter, oxygen and salinity meters)
4. Choose the appropriate material (tank, joining and pipes) based on the following characteristics:
a. Strength

b. Corrosion resistance
c. Toxicity

d. Cost Remark: Use CES (Cambridge Engineering Selector) for selection of the required materials.
5. The controller requires a series of instrumentation consists of:

a. Temperature sensor - to measure the water temperature inside aquarium.(Need to controlled using a heater)

b. Water level sensor - to measure a maximum and minimum water volume of aquarium.(Need a switch to on/off the water flow for outside)

c. Oxygen sensor - to measure quantity of the oxygen in the water

d. Salinity sensor - to measure the quantity of the salt in water.

All of these sensor will supply signals to the controller in electrical current (4mA to 20mA), so please indicate the proper signal conditional module if required. Indicate in your schematic diagrams the suitable placement of these sensors with its accessory/module and if necessary make some footnotes to make it more specific. Provide the technical specification of each sensor obtained from the existing manufacturer and give your reason why the chosen sensor is suitable for this application.


1. Every group must submit the proposal before 22nd August 2008 (Friday) at the JKMB General Office (pigeon hole will be provided).

2. The proposal will be check within one week and all the groups must have different content between each other.
3. Proposal must content:

a. the knowledge of the overall systems (PV pump, pipe flow etc)

b. proposed aquarium size, water volume and living things inside the aquarium.

c. the layout of the system (CAD drawing)

d. the list of controllers and sensors that will be used

Final Report format

Report must be written according to the following order:
1. Introduction
2. Objectives

3. Design/layout of the system

4. Analysis of flow rate, power generated and filter.

5. Analysis of cost and selection of materials

6. Control and monitoring systems

7. Discussion and conclusion

8. Reference and appendix (if any)


- For each participating course, this project covers 10% out of the total overall marks for the respective course, bringing the total of 30% for the combination of all courses.

- The total marks for this project will be divided into three parts; 20% for proposal, 50% for report and 30% for presentation.

- The report must be submitted not later than 24th October 2008 (Friday) at the JKMB General Office (please ensure to put a stamp date at the front page of the report)

- Group presentation will be held in between 20th to 24th October 2008.
1) There will be 25 groups.

2) 15 minutes per presentation and 5 minutes for Q&A.

3) Presentation material must be copied into CD (pen-drive or diskette are not allowed).
4) The exact group presentation schedule will be confirmed later

*this is my integrated project which combining 3 subjects of my course.we need to desing a new aquarium using a solar tough!well prepared!

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