Monday, December 08, 2008

issue last..sedih

this is my magazine that i bought from 1st issue until the last issue (121).i collect all of them and not miss anyone.this is the best magazine.many changes from the beginning until the ending to give the best quality to all readers.i hope from gempakstarz side to publish and continue again this most thing the contents of hype! is colouful.suitable to all teenagers like me.not only for girls but for men also can have make me up-to-date about surrounding us.
it all about music,fashion,lifestle,i.t,gadgets,films,health and act...i no regret to buy it twice a's only rm7.80 per month that i must spend for i searching for other magazine to read.i dont much like klik because it much like to secondary student.more girly.the design not attract me.maybe i try to find what the strength of the other maybe i can try Maskulin.i now in 20 and must now more about myself.the trend nowadays and suitable fashion
and make me more up-to-date.haha..poyo ma..

p/s:hopefully the readers can understand what i try to say.broken english.sorry


  1. u better try maskulin...more info about man there ad very interesting contents..



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